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Independent entrance through the small door in a typical lane of old Cotignac

Sheltered by its tuff rock which protects it from the Mistral, Cotignac coats up in the rays of a generous sun. Its shaded course, its streets in calade, its many fountains, its theater of greenery, its circuit of the Rock are available to you.

Mrs. Dany ELY will be of great help to you both in guiding you in the village and around.

His house under the rock is very typical of village houses of yesteryear, and his rooms are just as much

You will appreciate their independent entrances in the picturesque Provençal alleys.

Cotignac in green Provence

A village with character In the heart of Green Provence, halfway between the Verdon and Mediterranean gorges 100 km from Aix, Cotignac rises spectacularly at the foot of a majestic 80m high tuff rock, surrounded by a unique natural setting.

Stained glass workshop

I can share with you my passion for stained glass in my workshop with a free initiation for long stays' (except material) leave the opening ``passion for stained glass``

Guest house

Guest house The Pra de Pé house is above all simple and warm. It is located in the old village, at the foot of the rock, 30 m from the town hall and 50 m from the course with cafes, restaurants and shops.


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